About Doctors Online 1

See the Medical Council website here.

Check the Medical Council register of doctors here.

About Doctors Online

Doctors Online is a unique online medical services platform for doctors who wish to offer their services to the general public. The platform offers fast, affordable and confidential online medical services for patients in Ireland. We are proud to have a genuine patient-centric culture where safety is our top priority.

We currently have a number of independent GPs offering general medical consultations, and medical prescriptions. All our doctors are registered with the Irish Medical Council.

Online Prescriptions

The safety of patients is the top priority of all our doctors. We therefore only issue prescriptions for certain categories of drugs and we do not issue any prescriptions without the patient first having a consultation with a doctor. See our online prescriptions page for more information.


If you require urgent medical attention please have someone take you to your nearest Hospital Accident & Emergency Department or call 112 and ask for an ambulance. Please see the HSE emergency page for when to call 112.

About Doctors Online 2

Meet Our Team

Meet the Doctors Online management team who are here to support both doctors and patients in the delivery of our online medical services.

Dr Anthony Sharkey

Chief Medical Advisor

About Doctors Online 3

Dr. Anthony Sharkey qualified from Medicine from Trinity Colledge in 1982. During his 38 years of medical practice he has worked in a wide range of clinical settings including as a locum GP for many years. Currently he has a private practice and works in public health in Dublin.

Ian Snipper

Operations Manager

About Doctors Online 4

Ian has over 20 years of online experience, advising on best practise digital business capabilities and implementing appropriate best-of-breed technology to enable end-to-end efficiency. Ian has post grads in business strategy and business coaching psychology.