‘How Old for Laser Eye Surgery?’ is a question we are asked frequently. Age can certainly affect your suitability for laser eye surgery. Your laser eye surgeon will consider your age along with many other factors to determine if you are a good candidate for laser eye surgery. The laser eye surgeon will consider your general health, your prescription, your eye health and the thickness and shape of your cornea.

Patients under the age of 18

Most surgeons will not perform laser eye surgery on those under the age of 18. During these development years, the eyes will change constantly, and the vision will adjust to these changes. Myopia and other vision related issues can continue to develop up until your 20s. It takes until around the age of 20 for the vision to have stabilised, therefore having laser eye surgery before this age is not recommended. Patients who have laser eye surgery at a young age can experience complications with their vision when they are older, it can be detrimental to their eyes.

So, how old for laser eye surgery?

Patients between the ages of 25 and 40 are generally considered the ideal age for laser eye surgery. There is not a fixed age limit for laser eye surgery, however for older patients, there are certain considerations that need to be examined. Older patients may experience age related complications that prevent them from being considered good candidates for laser eye surgery. At the age of 40 the vision may begin to change due to age related factors. Patients over the age of 60 are at higher risk due to cataracts and glaucoma. These conditions can damage the optic nerve, as they cause the lens of the eye to cloud. Older people are also at greater risk of macular degeneration, a condition with which the retina deteriorates. However, many people over the age of 40, 50 and 60 have relatively healthy eyes, which means they are suitable candidates for laser eye surgery and have had extremely successful results.

Other Factors

The main factor that is considered in determining a patient’s suitability for laser eye surgery, is the health of their eyes. The laser eye surgeon will consider conditions such as diabetes, eye diseases or corneal disease, as well as certain types of medications that may affect suitability. Medical conditions such as lupus, diabetes and rheumatoid arthritis may cause complications after the laser eye surgery, during the healing stage. These factors will be taken into consideration to determine your suitability. If you have one or more of these conditions, it does not mean that you will not be considered a good candidate for laser eye surgery. Each patient’s suitability will be determined individually by the laser eye surgeon and will be based on a variety of factors, including your general health and the health of your eyes.

How old for laser eye surgery? Laser eye surgery can be a lifechanging procedure for all ages. Your age may affect your suitability, this will be determined by your laser eye surgeon along with many other factors.



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