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Do you want to explore alternative medicine but you aren’t sure where to begin?

Alternative Medicine 1If you are ill and not getting better despite your own or your medical doctors best efforts you may like to explore Alternative solutions.  When you are ill and at your most vulnerable, navigating the best therapeutic options can be a minefield. As an experienced medical doctor with over 30 years working in both mainstream and alternative medicine, I can help you cut through the overwhelm. I will work with you to find the best natural and complementary medicine that will either work safely with your current medical regimen, or as safe alternative treatment.

 Why Patients Work With Dr Anthony Sharkey

Here are the top reasons I hear from patients as to why they are interested in exploring alternative medicine options.

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1. Conditions Not Improving

Chronic diseases are defined as conditions that last a year or more and require ongoing medical attention and/or limit activities of daily living. 

According to the National Risk Assessment Report 2018 more than 60% of people aged over 50 in Ireland have at least one chronic condition, and 18% have two or more.

For many patients conventional medical treatments either don’t appear to be working, or cause more suffering through adverse side effects.

The majority of my patients come to me looking for alternative treatments because they don’t feel they are getting any better and are worn out and disillusioned with conventional medicine.

Some will continue with conventional medicine but use complementary treatments to alleviate side effects or improve results. Others find more effective alternatives. This can sometimes be as simple as as treatment through diet rather than medication.

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2. Worry & Confusion

Most doctors and consultants working within a conventional medical setting are so overworked that they are unable to give their patients the time to listen properly or to fully explain conditions and treatments.

It may take many months or even years to get an appointment, and when you do finally see your specialist, the consultation often feels far too rushed.

When you are ill and vulnerable if you don’t feel heard or are subjected to impersonal, by-numbers care this creates more worry and confusion.

I will take the time needed to listen to you, to explain the medical point of view if necessary, and also what potential complementary or alternative treatments are options for you.

There are now many excellent treatments in integrative and functional medicine that use more advanced diagnosis and treatment than mainstream medicine which can take a very long time to catch up with the latest knowledge.

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3. Empowerment

Recent studies indicate that patients seek alternative therapies because they see them as less authoritarian and more empowering. They also find them to be more congruent with their own values, beliefs, and philosophical orientation.

I concur with this and the experience with my own patients shows me that empowerment should not be underestimated.

At the very least, alternative therapies such as meditation, reiki and aromatherapy can help promote relaxation and a general sense of wellbeing.

This is important for patients and therefore complements conventional treatment by helping patients to feel better.

My role is to help you navigate your way safely through all the options because natural treatments are not risk free. For example, antioxidant supplements can interfere with chemotherapy, and herbal remedies can affect the way our bodies metabolise prescription drugs.

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2 Ways To Schedule Your Appointment

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Consultations & Fees

Alternative medicine sessions can be attended in-person (in County Wicklow, Ireland) or online. You can use your phone, a tablet or computer. We send you a Zoom link by email which you simply click to enter your consutation with Dr Sharkey.


Introductory Session 20-Minutes €30


First Session 90-Minutes €120


Follow Up Sessions 60-Minutes €90


Our online service can be be used for most illnesses where a physical examination is not required.


As not all our patients are comfortable with new technologies consultations can also be provided via a phone call.

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Doctor Anthony Sharkey

About Dr Anthony Sharkey

Dr Sharkey MB Bch BAO DCH qualified from Trinity College Dublin in 1982.

Currently, Anthony works for the HSE in community medicine, has a private medical practice specialising in alternative medicine including non-drug based treatments of anxiety and depression.

He was the medical doctor and mindfulness teacher on the first mindfulness course for people with a medically diagnosed disease in 1996.

Anthony lived in a meditation retreat centre for two and a half years, this entailed meditating for a minimum of 5 hours a day as well as organising and leading numerous retreats.

He helped establish the Dublin Meditation centre. This was a space dedicated to Meditation and was also one of the first dedicated Yoga centres in Ireland. During the 90’s he introduced over 4,000 people to the skills of meditation and yoga through evening classes and retreats.