Terms & Conditions

These are the terms and conditions for usage of our service.

Please read these terms and conditions carefully to avoid confusion.

Please note we do NOT provide a medical service.


  • Acceptance
  • Terminology
  • Responsibility for our patients
  • The importance of providing true, timely and complete information
  • Scope of services provided
  • Informing your existing doctor about any treatment that you undertake
  • Informed consent
  • Your online account
  • Cancellations and refunds
  • Our privacy statement, GDPR and patient confidential data
  • Reserving the right to provide services
  • Vulnerabilities of electronic communications and post
  • Disclaimer
  • Exclusive jurisdiction of the Irish courts
  • Change to these terms and conditions

Terms & Conditions 1

1. Acceptance of Doctors Online Terms and Conditions
By using this service you are deemed to understand, consent to and agree to be legally bound by these Terms and Conditions.

If you do not understand and agree to these terms and conditions you should not use this service.

2. Terminology
The term ‘the website’ means the URL www.onlinedoctorireland.ie and associated pages.

The term ‘doctor’ means Dr Anthony Sharkey who is registered as a medical practitioners with the Ireland Medical Council. The term ‘law’ shall be construed as a reference to any law (including common or customary law), statute, judgment, regulation, directive, bye law, order, ordinance or any other legislative measure of any government, supranational, local government, statutory or regulatory body or court, in each case having the force of law.

The term ‘Terms and Conditions’ comprises of paragraphs 1 to 16 and includes the Privacy Statement and the Disclaimer.

3. Responsibility for patients
Dr Sharkey takes exactly the same personal responsibility for each patient as if he was seeing a patient face to face. The online nature of this service in no way diminishes the professional service.

The material and information available on the website is intended for informational purposes only, and does not constitute health or other advice nor should it replace face-to-face consultations with your own family doctor or medical specialist.

Please consult a health care professional for specific recommendations about your condition.

In addition, the information made available on the  website changes rapidly and therefore, some of the information may be out of date.

You agree to bear all risk associated with the use of or reliance on any such information, and release and hold Dr Anthony Sharkey harmless from any cause of action that may arise in connection with your reliance on information contained in the website.

4. The importance of providing true, timely and complete information
You agree that all information that you provide to Dr Sharkey will be true and complete to the best of your knowledge and that you will not purposefully omit to provide information that could reasonably be judged to be potentially relevant in providing the service.

You should not register or complete any forms on the website on behalf of anyone other than yourself.

5. Scope of services provided
Our service includes online video consultations and phone consultations for alternative and complimentary medicine.

We are not a pharmacy and we do not dispense or deliver any medicines.

7. Informing your existing doctor about any treatment that is prescribed
You agree that if our doctors write a prescription for you and you want us to inform your existing doctor of any medicines that the doctor has prescribed, you will provide our doctors with the full and correct contact details of your existing doctor.

8. Your account on the Doctor’s Online website 
You agree that you will not share your online username and password with anyone.

You acknowledge that you will take all reasonable steps to ensure that a third party does not gain access to your account.

You agree that you will take all reasonable steps to ensure that any device that you use to set up or access your account is suitably protected from potential hazards by firewalls, anti-virus software and other such security applications. You agree that you will not create more than one website account. You agree that if when creating your account you provide an email address or contact telephone number, you consent for us to contact you by email and telephone if and when the need arises.

9. Cancellations and refunds
If Dr Sharkey is unable, or otherwise declines, to provide you with a service he will provide a full refund of any payment you have already made for the service.

10. Privacy statement, GDPR and patient confidential data
The website has a legal obligation to protect all patient confidential data which is over and above what is required by GDPR.

We are not allowed to share patient confidential data with third parties, including other doctors, who are unconnected to our service without your explicit consent.

To provide this service to patients it is necessary that both our doctors and our non-medical staff have access to patient medical records and patient confidential data.

Personal details necessary to process payment with our payment providers Stripe and PayPal shall be sent to these payment providers as part of the payment process.

For the purpose of financial audit the website is required to divulge very limited patient information to our auditors and wherever possible information used for the purpose of financial audit will be anonymised.

All access to patient information is kept to the minimum required to allow the safe and effective delivery of our services.

All patient confidential data is stored electronically and encrypted in the cloud.

You have a legal right to obtain any information that we hold about you.

Please see our full privacy policy at https://www.onlinedoctorireland.ie/privacy-policy/

11. Reserving the right
We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason at any time.

In such cases and where payment for a service has been received, a notification message will be sent to your account dashboard and you will receive a full refund.

12. Vulnerabilities of electronic communications and post
The online nature of the online service necessarily relies upon using electronic forms of communication, post, mobile, landline and SMS.

There are inherent vulnerabilities in using such forms of communication and we are therefore unable to give a guarantee that a third party unrelated to our service will not intercept communications.

13. Disclaimer
To the fullest extent permitted by applicable law, under no circumstances will our website, employees, doctors or partner services providers be liable for any of the following losses or damage (whether such losses were foreseen, foreseeable, known or otherwise): (a) loss of emotional well-being including, but not limited to, any embarrassment caused (b) loss of data; (c) loss of revenue or anticipated profits; (d) loss of business; (e) loss of opportunity; (f) loss of goodwill or injury to reputation; (g) losses suffered by third parties; or (h) any indirect, consequential, special or exemplary damages arising from the use of the service regardless of the form of action.

You agree that to the fullest extent permitted by applicable law, this website makes no representations or warranties with respect to any treatment, information, advice or action relied on or followed by any person using the service.

The website does not warrant that the this service in general will be either available without interruption or error-free or that the website, server, hardware and software that support are free from viruses or something that may interfere with the normal operations of your systems.

The website will not be liable for any loss or damage resulting from the transmission of data as may occur during communications with the website.

To the fullest extent permitted by applicable law, this website disclaims any liability resulting from the provision of services by third party providers.

Liability shall rest with the appropriate third party provider and shall not under any circumstance be deemed to rest with this website.

14. Exclusive jurisdiction of the Irish courts
If any of these terms and conditions should be determined to be illegal, invalid or otherwise unenforceable by reasons of the laws of any state or country in which these terms and conditions are intended to be effective, then to the extent and within the jurisdiction which that term or condition is illegal, invalid or unenforceable, it shall be severed and deleted from the agreement and the remaining terms and conditions shall survive, remain in full force and effect and continue to be binding and enforceable.

The above terms and conditions shall be governed by and construed in accordance with Irish law and you irrevocably submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Irish Courts.

15. Change to Terms and Conditions
We reserve the right to change these terms and conditions at any time by posting changes online.

You are responsible for regularly reviewing information posted online to obtain timely notice of such changes.

Your continued use of the website and the online service after changes are posted constitutes your acceptance of these terms and conditions as modified by the posted changes.

Last Updated: 26th February 2022