‘How long does laser eye surgery last?’, is a question asked by patients regularly. Laser eye surgery is a permanent surgical vision correction procedure, and in most cases the results last a lifetime. During laser eye surgery, the shape of the cornea is changed to correct the patient’s vision. This reshaping is permanent and therefore, doesn’t wear off. In a small percentage of cases, regression occurs to the eye, which means patients require further treatment. However this is very rare, the majority of patients will not require further laser treatment.

Further Laser Treatment

There are several reasons why a patient may require further laser treatment after receiving laser eye surgery. If conditions such as myopia, astigmatism or hyperopia were present before a patient received laser eye surgery, and these conditions continue to progress, it may cause the vision to change. There are surgical treatment options a patient can opt for to fix this. Laser eye surgery does not prevent patients from choosing one of these treatments later on.

Age-related Changes to Vision

Presbyopia is another reason a patient may experience changes in vision after receiving laser eye surgery. When you get older, your eye will naturally change. The lens inside your eye ages and hardens, and becomes less flexible and less able to focus on nearby objects. This does not mean the effects of laser eye surgery is wearing off. The changes made to your eye by laser eye surgery are permanent, however age-related changes to your eye may cause your vision to change. Your eyes will never go back to the way they were before receiving the surgery.

Patients under the age of 18

Laser eye surgery is not recommended for those under the age of 18. At this age, your eyes are still changing and your vision will adjust to these changes. Vision related issues such as myopia can continue to develop up until your 20s. If you have laser eye surgery at a young age, it can negatively affect your vision and can lead to complications as you get older. Most surgeons recommend waiting until at least the age of 20 before getting laser eye surgery, as only at that age will your vision have stabilised. This will ensure the best and most long-lasting results of laser eye surgery.

How long does laser eye surgery last exactly?

How long does laser eye surgery last depends on a variety of factors including your eye conditions, and how they progress overtime and the age you receive the surgery. For most patients it is a lifelong and life changing procedure.

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